Talisman Desktop

Talisman Desktop 3.21

Replace your Windows desktop with a custom new shell

Using Talisman, you can build any interface for your computer. Talisman hides the standard Windows Desktop. In the Talisman work space, you can place any number of buttons or pictures. These objects can have any form or dimension, and all can run external programs or internal shell commands.

The number of forms (screens) can range from 1 to 1,000. Any screen object can be set to switch from one form to another. All settings and pictures are stored in a theme file. You can make many Talisman themes and use objects with links to go from one theme to another. You also can add HTML pages (with JavaScript, Flash movies, and VRML worlds) to the desktop and add sounds to events.

With the help of "Talisman" you can create your own interface or use one of the hundreds ready themes that are available in our collections and in the internet. Interface (theme) is a set of screens, forms, "rooms" and objects. All these objects are interactive and respond to movements or clicks of the mouse.